The Anthroposophical Lending Library of Atlanta (ALLA) is located at the Anthroposophical Resource Center, 761 Scott Circle, Decatur 30033. The two large bookshelves in the front room are stocked with over 300 titles, more than 100 of which are by Dr. Steiner. There is sure to be something to meet your interests! There is a check-out form for on the desk between the shelves.

Book donations are always welcome, and can be left in the donation basket near the bookshelves.  If you would like recognition, please leave a note in the book with your name. If you have multiple books, you can bundle them or place them in a bag. If you have a love of books, we can always use a helping hand with cataloging, labeling and shelving. We have a large batch of books to be cataloged from a variety of topics. If you would like to check availability, reserve a book, or come by to browse the shelves, please send an email to

Library holdings April 2017: ALLA Catalog 041217.PDF


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