We welcome participation in our local branch. For example– join a group study, attend a workshop, write an article for the newsletter, or plant flowers at our shared space. We encourage individuals to make an annual statement of intention in support of the mission. Our activity may be strengthened in a real way as we commit to branch life. Membership in the national branch (ASA) is not directly linked to local branch membership and participation, although the two bodies cross-pollinate. Local activities are intended to stimulate interest and involvement in the ASA and General Anthroposophical Society (GAS) in Dornach Swizerland, and vice versa.

Our worldwide Society accommodates a broad range of individuals, each with unique abilities, interests and ways of working in the world. Members hold in common an affirmation of Rudolf Steiner’s legacy of anthroposophy.

Our local branch needs financial support to draw speakers and provide space, but it is not a requirement for membership. Support includes membership dues and separate donations, which may be “where most needed” or designated for specific purposes.

Please see the Anthroposophy Atlanta Interest and Support Form for an additional description of membership.

Interest Form


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